Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Writing dialogue skills - activities to answer the question

1. Teacher : All the students except you, have submitted the
assignment. I don’t see how you can get away
with it.

Student : Must I complete the assignment before this

Teacher : Yes, you must.

2. Ravi brought a letter from his school to his father with a
request to permit him to attend NSS camp for ten days.
Father : We’re planning to go to Thiruppathi next week. Do
you really need to attend the camp?

Ravi : Yes, Daddy. I’m an NSS volunteer. I am afraid I can’t
avoid it.
Father : What do you all do there?
Ravi : We have to render some social service to the villagers.
Father : OK then, go ahead with your camp.

TASKS: Write dialogues for the following situations, each
person in a dialogue having atleast four turns:

1. Your friend has to catch the train at 9 pm. You advise him that
it is necessary to be at the station before 8.30 pm.

2. The postman delivers a parcel to you. He asks you to sign a

3. You are in a shop to complain about a camera you have bought,
which does not work properly.You speak to the manager about
his obligation to replace it.


Role-play the above dialogues.

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