Tuesday, February 1, 2011

English exercise - correct the mistake - Improve spoken English

Task 3: Each of these sentences contains a mistake in the usage
of words connected to music, literature or fine arts.
Correct the mistake with the help of a dictionary for

1. The novels in this collection are each only four pages long
and short enough to read through within the hour.

2. He is the famous sculptor who built “The Thinker”.

3. They are exposing the paintings of the Impressionists at the
gallery this week.

4. Ilayaraja has compiled the music for this film.

5. The artist used watercolours to compose the portrait.

6. This is his first film and he is typecast as a villain in it.

7. The ‘Bangle Sellers of Hyderabad’ is a verse written by India’s
famous poetess, Sarojini Naidu.

8. Ravi plays the flute and Mohan assists him on the drums.

9. Van Gogh painted a picture of himself.

10. The young poet recounted his poems to a literary audience.

Task 4: Match items in Column A with those in Column B:

1. writes classical music - ballerina
2. plays the flute - percussionist
3. writes plays - poet
4. takes part in plays - composer
5. carves statues - producer
6. plays a drum in an orchestra - sculptor
7. writes verse - flautist
8. finances a movie - Autobiographer
9. dances traditional Russian dance - dramatist
10. writes about himself - actor

Task 5: Describe an art form you enjoy and give a brief
appreciation of an associated artist whom you admire.

Task 6: The following are terms pertaining to poems:

Ode - lyric poem marked by exalted feeling
Blank verse - a poem that has no rhyme but has rhythm
Sonnet - a fourteen line poem
Limerick - a humorous verse rhymed aa bb a
Stanza - verse or a group of lines forming a unit
Haiku - unrhymed verse form with 17 syllables usually
in three lines (Japanese origin)
Couplet - two successive lines of verse of equal length

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