Friday, February 4, 2011

English for Engineering-Speaking skills improvement

B. Speaking

Task 1: Susai, has bought a kit and is trying to build an extension
to his house. Venu has agreed to help him. Role-play the
dialogue given below after you have read it a few times.

Venu : Have you got all the equipment? Let’s check ….. screwdriver,
spanner, drill and drill bits.
Susai: (checking material) a plumb line, ladder, a marking
out tool, a chisel, a hammer, a spade, a measuring tape
and the Kit. Yes, all here.
Venu : (instructing Susai, after reading from the manual) Lay
out the main frame on the ground, first.
Susai : OK. Now, I mark the positions for all the posts on the
Venu : Pass me the spade, Susai. We have to dig the holes for
the posts.
Susai : (after digging and making the holes) Now that’s done,
let us fix the posts in the holes.
Venu : OK, here are the posts. Now, … er … (reading) …
mark the holes for the wall-plate screws.
Susai : Right! Pass me the drill. Let me drill the holes for the
wall-plate screws.
Venu : Here Susai, ….. let me do this now. Er ….. mmm …
OK ….. wall-plate is screwed to the wall now.
Susai : Now comes the tricky part - ….. fixing the main beam to
the top of the posts. Venu, pass me the hammer.
Venu : I’ll help you …. Ahhhhh-Ouch!!—hey—careful!…….
There that’s done!
Susai : What is next? Just read from that manual, Venu.
Venu : (reading) Fix the cross members between the wall-plate
and the main beam.
Susai : Fine! …. Let’s do that. Help me with the beam. All right
…. That’s in place. What is next?
Venu : Now we fix the purlins in position.
Susai : Great work! This is exhausting work! ….. Now for the
final bit.
Venu : (wiping perspiration) Phew! Let’s place the roofing
sheets on top. Just pass them to me. This is hot work,
Susai : Fix the roofing sheets to the frame and the purlins. Finally,
the gutter and the drain pipe. Slowly …. Slowly … you
don’t want me to drop it!
Venu : Good work, Susai! Now you have a shaded area to park
your new car! I think we deserve a long cool drink ….
let’s sit here and have one!

Task 2: You want to remodel two windows of your room. You
want to replace them with a French window and a bay
window. Using the information below, write down the
discussion you have with your parents.

Father: expensive
could use more chairs
son will go away to college soon

Mother:French windows unsafe
Too much expenses as it is, with college fee, etc.

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