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Exercise to improve English - Fill in the blanks in the English conversation

Tasks 1: Complete the following words which have been used in the

1. departure ............ 6. check - ...........
2. take - ............... 7. call - ..............
3. excess .............. 8. terminal ...........
4. boarding ............. 9. seat - ...........
5. railway ............... 10.air - ...........

Task 2: Fill in the blanks with words given in the table:

1. The film crew ..... a flight to the island as there were no scheduled
flights for that day.
2. The ..... in the luxury liner are very cosy and comfortable.
3. There is ..... service to cross over from the mainland to the island.
4. I need to find a ..... or I may run out of gas on the highway.
5. This is a vestibule train so we can walk across to the ..... for
6. I’m renting a car for the trip but I don’t know whether I should
hire a ..... or drive it myself.
7. The planes were flying too close but the ..... averted the major air
mishap through prompt instruction.
8. As the train is delayed by five hours can I leave my luggage in
the ..... while I go sight-seeing?
9. No, there’s no time for shopping now. I think I’ll pick up some
souvenirs from the ..... when I check in for my flight.

Task 3: Think about your own experience of flying / travelling by
train / by road and answer these questions.

1. What do you usually do while travelling?
2. Is there anything that frightens or troubles you?
3. Where do you often have delays or change in schedules? Why?
4. What is the most interesting part of the travel and what is the
most uninteresting?
5. What are your suggestions to make the mode of travelling more

Task 4: Travel literature and travel guide books show difference
in words and phrases between American and British
English especially with words pertaining to transportation
by train and road.

British American
luggage baggage
rail railroad
coach railcar
tube underground railway
tram street car

Given below are a few British words. Find their equivalents in
American English with the help of a standard dictionary.

1. carriage 2. luggage van 3. tramway 4. wagon 5. guard
6. return ticket 7. lorry 8. petrol 9. car’s bonnet 10. car’s boot

Task 5: Narrate your experience as a tourist or a traveller, to the

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