Saturday, March 12, 2011

Conversation between manager and employee in office

Task: Practise the above conversation taking turns.

III. Alice has taken up a summer job at Curious Market
Research Bureau. She meets the manager of ‘Wonder looks’,
a firm manufacturing mirrors:

Alice : I’m Alice Caroll. I’m on a summer job at Curious Market Research Bureau.
Manager : Please be seated.
Alice : Dormouse is planning to introduce a unique printer.Before launching their product,they’d like to have a feel of the field. Can I ask you a few questions in this connection, please?
Manager : Yes, please proceed.
Alice : How many printers do you have in your office?
Manager : We have seven.
Alice : How many inkjet and how many laser?
Manager : Three laser and four inkjet.
Alice : What make do you have right now?
Manager : Three HP and four Canon.
Alice : Do you have a printer cum copier cum scanner?
Manager : Yes, we do have.
Alice : What about a 4-in-one – printer, scanner, copier and fax?
Manager : Yes, we do have one of that too.
Alice : Now this product that Dormouse is launching, is a 6-in-one.
Manager : What is that?
Alice : It can print, copy, fax, scan, skim and skip.
Manager : Skim and skip?
Alice : Yes. You see, you have a Board meeting in 10 minutes. There’s a 40 page report in your system,which has just been mailed to you. You ought to go through it before the meeting. The skim facility, skims the entire matter, skips all unnecessary /additional details, puts together the overview alone in bullet format and gives you the hard copy – maybe a couple of pages – all in twenty seconds flat. This saves a lot of time, ink and paper. Doesn’t that sound interesting?
Manager : Yes, it does.
Alice : Would you like to buy one, when it is launched?
Manager : Yes, we would. But, what would be the cost?
Alice : You could skip that question. It would cost the same as your 4-in-one.
Manager : How sleek would it look?
Alice : Skip that too. It’s as sleek as your ‘Wonder looks’.

Task 1:
Practise the above conversation taking turns.

Task 2: You work for a Market Research Bureau. A herbal

company would like to launch a new range of beauty
products. Interview a few college students as to whether
they would buy it.

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