Friday, March 11, 2011

conversation between tele marketing personnel and client

II. The following is a conversation between a tele-marketing
personnel (TM) and a prospective client (PC):

TM : Hello! Good morning! This is Mr. Alex Graham from BellResorts. I would like to let you know about our specialscheme.
PC : Excuse me. But you know, I’m a little busy.
TM : Could you just spare two minutes? I won’t take much of your time, Ma’am. This is a special offer for college students as part of friendship day celebrations. You can enjoy a free holiday with your friends.
PC : I see. That sounds interesting. How many friends can I bring along?
TM : Well, you can bring along two friends.
PC : What’s the duration of this holiday package?
TM : Five days and four nights. It costs Rs.12,000/- for a family of four. This includes food, stay and sight-seeing.
PC : Wait, wait, wait … said it costs Rs.12,000/- for a family of four?
TM : Oh! Didn’t I mention it? This is a family cum friends holiday.You pay for your family and your friends can come along for free.
PC : But you didn’t mention it earlier. Anyway, where is this resort? And where do we get to sight-see?
TM : It’s a package tour to all the ancient temples in Madurai,Kancheepuram and Thanjavur. Can I register you for this scheme, Ma’am?
PC : Uh ….. no, I may have to think it over.
TM : Shall I call you up again tomorrow?
PC : No ….. I don’t think ….. Sorry, there’s somebody at the door. Excuse me, I’ll have to go. Thank you.

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