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English on JOURNALISM and Radio Jockey role play

Tips on being a good radio jockey and conducting interesting radio shows

Since the breakthrough of radio frequencies converting from AM (amplitude modulation) channels to FM (frequency modulation) channels, the radio industry has seen enormous growth. This growth is also witnessed in the outreach of the radio industry, which triggered private participants to jump in. Consequently, we have seen the radio industry rise back to its old time glory – the same glory that it once lost. The massive growth in the radio industry has led to a large number of opportunities in the industry, which are specifically focused on the youth so as to give them a platform to make a break, be it for their passion for music, making people laugh, or extracting emotions out of people. The trend has been rising and it is safe to predict that more opportunities will arise for radio jockeys in the next decade.

The art of bringing out emotions within people can be communicated through radio jockey dialogues that are immersive and interesting. However, having a great voice and clarity of communication is only perceived as the cherry on top. A radio jockey should also have excellent skills to reach out to the listeners' hearts through his voice. Additionally, a radio jockey must have a brilliant taste in music because making people dance to the rhythm and supplying situation-based lyrics are some of the expectations of the audience

B. Speaking

Task 1: Read the following dialogue between Suma and her favourite R J (Radio Jockey) Riya. Then role-play it.


Riya : Good morning! This is Radio Chili Hot! Who’s calling?

Suma : Good morning! My name is Suma.

Riya : Hello, Suma! Are you a student?

Suma : Yes, I’m a class XII student.

Riya : So, Suma … What do you have to say about stray dogs?

Suma : Riya, first I want to say how much I appreciate your programmes, especially, the general discussions you have between playing songs.

Riya : Thank you. Now, listeners! Let’s hear what Suma has to say about the problem of stray dogs.

Suma : About stray dogs – I think most people are cruel to them.The other day I read an item in the newspaper about stoning stray dogs to death! I think that was barbaric!

Riya : I agree. So what’s your suggestion?

Suma : I know a girl from my locality, who takes care of them by feeding all stray dogs twice a day. If we can’t take care of them like her, I think we should ask the BlueCross to come and fetch them. They could then be sterilised. Then their numbers could be controlled.

Riya : Great idea Suma! Thank you for your suggestion.

What song would you like me to play?

Being Loved as an RJ


As mentioned previously, radio jockey dialogues should be based on enormous knowledge of songs. It would also give you a great edge if you sing a few lines from a famous song.


As a radio jockey, you should have a versatile personality i.e. adapt to the situation around you. You should be original and have opinions. Be innovative in your emotions and expressions.


If you want to bring out the best of people, have a good sense of humor. Being funny never gets anyone killed; in fact, people love to open up to funny people. They have a positive attitude towards the world. However, be cautious, as you should know when you're crossing the line and where you should stop.

Here’s a sample radio jockey conversation for you to check out:

"It's another cold, snowy Wednesday evening that makes me want to take all of you down memory lane. I'm going to kick off the show with the Rolling Stones, which will be followed by a bit of Led Zeppelin and a little Steppenwolf thrown in for good measure. So let's start off the evening with my ever favorite, "Stairway to Heaven."

Guys, that was Stairway to Heaven – an amazing song that continues to influence rock music these days, even though it was released over 40 years ago!

Oh, look at that, the snow is piling up and we're definitely in for a very cold night. I'm sure kids are excited about snow day, while their parents sit back crying with thoughts of having them home all day long tomorrow.

With that, I'm going to take a break. Next up is "Born to be Wild" – a song that is definitely going to take away your winter blues. You're listening to Rick's Rock on ABCD Radio!"

Task 2: Four of your friends have been invited for a talk-show on hobbies, in the programme ‘Children – today’ on your local radio. Suja, Rishi, Meenu and Bharath prepare for it. You are the compére. Using the information given, role-play the situation:

(At the radio–station)

Compére: Greets audience - asks the four to speak about their hobbies, asks them questions about their hobbies, concludes the programme.

Suja’s hobby is collecting costume dolls:

- large collection
- keeps on shelves in room
- gives knowledge about dress, culture, etc.
- needs care / careful dusting

Rishi’s hobby is collecting leaves:

- dries leaves between blotting sheets
- in album
- has three albums in his room
- collects from wherever he goes
- has leaves of all shapes, sizes, colours
- tries to find Botanical names

Meenu’s hobby is collecting coins:

- from all parts of the world
- from people who travel, including father
- learns about different units and currency, metal made from,etc.
- compares old and new
- learns history - about rulers - important events

Bharath’s hobby is gardening:
- has a patch with many plants
- in flower beds and pots
- knows about different types of soil / manure / seedlings
- has flowers and vegetables
- loves to present them fresh to his parents

Do you have any interests? (Watching TV, reading books,
listening to music, etc.) Tell your class about it.

C. Reading

Work in groups of four. Discuss the different types of reading you do. Do you read a newspaper / magazine / manuals / railway timetable, etc.? Do you read them all in the same way? Discuss in your group.

Task 1: Answer the following questions:

(i) Where would you find such extracts?
(ii) What are each of the items about?
(iii) If you had to be in Bangalore by 1 pm, on Tuesday which train would you take?
(iv) Which number would you dial for an appointment if you wanted long nails?
(v) Why is Ms. Ninu Dayal’s appearance in a film, making news?

Task 2:Have you listened to announcements at the station /airport, etc? In pairs, make up a brief announcement.Then say it aloud with the appropriate pronunciation and stress.

Task 3: Have you watched the news on TV? Working in groups of six, work on the different aspects that make up a News Bulletin.

(1) the headlines (at the beginning and at the end)
(2) the general news in the country
(3) the International news
(4) sports news
(5) local news
(6) breaking news, if any
(7) Any other

Write down the News and then practise saying it a few times.
Then present it to your class.

A. Listening

You have seen advertisements on TV/ magazines / newspapers /hoardings, etc. Think of one advertisement that you like and one you don’t like. What are the reasons for you liking the one
and not liking the other? Working in pairs, tell each other about it.

Task 1:You will hear four products being advertised. Listen and fill in the details required. After you complete, compare notes with your classmates.

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