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LEGAL English - Example public notice in English


This notice is issued upon the instruction of our clients, M/S Fusion Industrial Minerals Pvt. Ltd., having their office at 2B, II floor, 102, GST Road, Guindy, Chennai 600 032. Ph. 2232 8976 Our clients are the beneficial owners of 30 lakh shares in M/S Fashion Transworld (P) Ltd., having paid the consideration in respect thereof.

The aforesaid share certificates and the blank transfer deeds were in the custody of the Managing Director. Under coercion and criminal intimidation, the aforesaid certificates and transfer deeds were handed over to Mr. Sethuraman of Sundaram Textiles, 4G, Akshaya,Velachery Main Road, Chennai 600 042, a representativeof one Mr.S.Kumar. A Police complaint in relation to the samehas been filed and the Police are investigating the same.Mr.S.Kumar is absconding and the share certificates and thetransfer deeds have not bee n traced and are missing.

Any person who has custody of the aforesaid share certificates and the transfer deeds or, has any information relating to the same is hereby called upon to deliver up to, or inform, M/S Fashion Transworld (P) Ltd., 540, MTH Road, Ambattur, Chennai 600 053, Tel. 26584377 within 7 days from the date of publication of this notice. On such failure, the said share certificates and the transfer deeds shall be taken as lost or destroyed and my clients will be entitled to take appropriate steps for obtaining duplicate share certificates in lieu thereof. The Public are hereby warned against dealing in any manner with the aforesaid share certificates
and transfer deeds to the prejudice of my clients and no right, title or interest can be passed in respect of the aforesaid share certificates and transfer deeds to any person who deals with the same.

Task: Scan the notice and answer the following questions:

1. Who has issued the notice?
2. To whom is the notice addressed to?
3. To whom do the share certificates belong?
4. Who has taken the share certificates? How?
5. Who should be informed, in case the certificates are found?
6. Within how many days should the certificates be found?
7. In the case of the certificates not being found, what will be


THIS DEED OF SALE MADE AND EXECUTED AT CHENNAI ON THIS 31st DAY OF MARCH 2001 BY: WEST INDIA INDUSTRIES (MADRAS) PRIVATE LIMITED, incorporated under the Indian Companies Act, 1913 (No.41/39- 40) having its Registered Office at No.234, Gold Street, Chennai- 3, represented by its constituted Attorney Mr. Tejas D. Maher, son of late Sri Surajlal M. Maher, aged about 34 years, under Registered Power dated 26.06.1996 registered as Document No.212 of 1996 in the office of Sub-Registrar of Royapuram, hereinafter called the “VENDORS”, which term shall wherever the context so permits or requires and wherever it occurs shall mean and include the said Vendors, their Directors for the time being, their present Directors, their successors-in-office, administrators, executors, assigns and person or persons claiming through, under or in trust for them and the person or persons through whom the Vendors derived the title of the FIRST PART:
(1) Mrs. HANNAH S RAJ, aged about 55 yrs.,
W/o Mr. S RAJ, and
(2) Mr. S RAJ, aged about 60 yrs.
S/o Late S Peter,
residing at
71, Eve’s Street, Queensland, Chennai 600 013. hereinafter called the “PURCHASER/S” which term shall wherever the context so permits or requires and wherever it occurs, shall mean and include the said Purchaser/s his/her/their heirs, legal representatives, administrators, executors, assigns and person or persons claiming through under or in trust for them of the

Task: Answer the following questions:

1. Explain the terms ‘VENDORS’ and ‘PURCHASERS’?
2. What sale deed could this be?
3. Where is this deed registered?
4. What does the term ‘IN FAVOUR OF’ mean?
5. Is ‘West India Industries (Madras) Pvt., Ltd., a registered one?

III. ReplacementWarranty

This beetel telephone instrument is warranted for a period of 12 months from date of purchase. Any defective instrument will be repaired or replaced by Bharti Systel Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ‘The Company’) at its option free of charge within the period of warranty subject to the following conditions:

1. This warranty card must be duly filled in, stamped & signed by the Dealer.
2. This warranty is not valid for
(a) damage resulting from accidents, mishandling, negligence, tampering, unauthorised repair, failure to follow instructions
(b) Items not purchased from authorised dealers of the Company.
(c) Batteries
3. While the Company or its Authorised Service Dealer will make every effort to carry out repairs or replacement under this warranty as soon as possible it is expressly made clear that the company shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect loss to user, due to delay in providing this service.
4. Claims, if any to this warranty shall be only made before the courts having jurisdiction in New Delhi.

Task: Answer the following questions:

1. What is meant by ‘is warranted for’?
2. What is the period of warranty?
3. State one condition that the warranty is subject to.
4. When is the warranty not valid?
5. What is meant by ‘shall not be held liable for’?

D. Writing

Task:Vimal has had his leg amputated after an accident in the
factory where he was working. The factory management
has not taken any responsibility, either for the medical
expenses or by way of compensation. Vimal has filed a suit
against them. He has had his first meeting with the lawyer.
Write the following minutes of his meeting.

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