Monday, March 14, 2011

question and answer activities to improve English

Task: A shopping mall has come up near your place. You
and your friend go there one evening.

1. As soon as you enter, where will you find yourself? Where will you go when -
2. Your mother has asked you to buy vegetables, a packet of butter, a loaf of bread and a packet of flour.
3. You want to buy nail enamel and kohl pencil for your sister.
4. Your friend wants to buy sunglasses.
5. You want to buy samosas and bhel puri for your brother.
6. Your friend wants to buy medicines for his grandma.
7. Tomorrow being Mother’s day, both of you want to buy to surprise both your mom and his.
8. Your friend wants a pair of stockings.
9. Both of you feel hungry.
10. You want to check your mail.
11. You are through with the ground floor and would like to go to the first floor.
12. You want to leave the mall.

II. Task 1: Read the passage that follows and answer the
questions given below. Do not read in detail.
Skimming through would do:

1. What is the passage about?
2. What product does it talk about?
3. Does it discuss the process of manufacturing, factory set-up, etc?
4. What do the words in bold suggest?

Nestle SA is the largest food company in the world and operated 468 factories in 2001. The company’s transparent business practices, pioneering environment policy and respect for the fundamental values of different cultures have earned it an enviable place in the 84 countries it operates in. Nestle’s activities contribute to and nurture the sustainable economic development of people, communities and nations.

Nestle India is a subsidiary of Nestle SA of Switzerland. With six factories and a large number of co-packers, Nestle India is a vibrant company that provides consumers in India with products of global standards and is committed to a long-term sustainable growth and shareholder satisfaction. The company is today acknowledged amongst India’s ‘most respected companies’ and amongst the ‘top wealth creators’ of India.

The company supports various community projects in education, health and welfare, and infrastructure around its factories. In Moga, Punjab, for example, Nestle invested substantially to establish milk collection centres with cooling tanks, milking machines and provided farmers with training in breeding and feeding practices to increase the yield of their herd. This has helped to improve the quality of milk produced in the region which in turn helped local farmers increase their income. The company has facilitated various initiatives to provide clean drinking water for students of local schools around its factories and also organises projects with the Indian Red Cross which include blood bank services, ambulance services, immunisation and health awareness.

The company also provides scholarships to deserving students in some schools and awards the Nestle scholarships for young business managers in six different management institutes.

Task 2: From the business section of any English daily, skim
through the columns on any business establishment,
factory, etc. Skim through at least two such pieces.

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