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Expression in English - Mourners

Mourners, Be alert!

Being buried alive was a great concern to those living in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Luckily for them, Count Kernice-Karnicki of Russia invented a device in 1896 to solve this problem.A glass ball was connected by a spring to a box above the grave.If the chest of the buried person moved, the spring was released and the box lid popped open, letting light and air reach the coffin.It also rang a bell and raised a flag to alert unsuspecting mourners.

What do you think is the reason for fixing the device to alert the


Read the following and answer the questions below:

Licensed To Clone

Cloning human embryos with an express intent of harvesting stem cells has got the official seal of sanction from the BritishGovernment. This licence given to scientists can be used to do further researches, but the issue of using this technique to produce babies is ruled out.

The permission granted by Human Fertilisation andEmbryology Authority (HFEA) is to study how to clone early human embryos efficiently and use them as a source of stem cells.

These stem cells have the potential to develop into any type for medical treatment and to understand diseases.

This licence will allow scientists to insert cell nuclei taken from a human body into human eggs from which the nuclei have been removed. This together with inserting the nuclei from another person and artificially stimulating the egg to start growing into a normal embryo is called therapeutic cloning.

Say whether each of the following statements is TRUE or

1. The British Government has given licence for cloning human embryos. [ ]
2. Cloning human embryos can be used to produce babies. [ ]
3. Human embryo can be used for medical treatment. [ ]
4. The licence allows the scientists to insert cell nuclei into human eggs. [ ]
5. Therapeutic cloning is stimulating the egg to grow into an embryo. [ ]

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