Friday, April 29, 2011

GRAMMAR FOCUS - use of word said and told


Use of ‘said’ and ‘told’: The word ‘said’, is used followed by
‘to + noun or pronoun’ or said alone.

e.g. Henry said (to her) that he wished to study Biotechnology.
But the word ‘told’ is used followed by noun or pronoun. ‘Told’ is
not used without being followed by a noun or pronoun.
There are other reporting verbs that can be used according to the
context. Some of them are announce, promise, command, request,
advise, etc.

Now read the following sets of sentences :

The Principal said, “Tomorrow is the last day for paying the school

The Principal announced that the next day was the last day for
paying the school fees.

Arun said to James, “Please lend me five hundred rupees tomorrow.”

Arun requested James to lend him five hundred rupees the next day.

James said, “I’ll certainly get you.”

James promised that he would certainly get him.

TASK 1: Report the following conversation using the reporting
verbs - predict, warn, plead, tell:

Mahesh : I bet Paramesh won’t join us for the tour.
Ahamed: You can’t jump to conclusions.
Mahesh : Please don’t criticise me. I am speaking with evidence.
Ahamed: What evidence do you have? Come on, show me.
Mahesh: His sister’s marriage is held tomorrow. Here is her wedding invitation.
Ahamed: Oh, I see. What a surprise! How could he promise me that he would join us?

TASK 2: Write the sentences above in reported speech.

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