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role play to improve spoken English





1) The culprit might have been lying in the hospital for weeks together.
2) Flying planes could be dangerous.What is the pun in each statement?


A. Read the dialogues silently and role-play with a partner:

Father : How long to wait for your friend? We have only 20 minutes left for the train. He may not come.
Son : No Daddy, I’ve already written to him.
Father : He might not have received your letter.
Son : He must have received because I wrote to him a week ago. Anyway can I speak to him over phone, Daddy?
Father : Yes, you can.


Student 1:May I come in, Sir?
Teacher : Yes, you may. (to another student) Can you recite the whole poem now?
Student 2 : I’m sorry. I may not be able to.
Teacher : Why?
Student 2 : I’m afraid I might forget in the middle.
Teacher : Never mind. Go ahead.


The modal auxiliary verbs that are used to denote

(i) possibility are ‘may’, ‘might’ and ‘could’
(ii) ability, ‘can’ and ‘could’
(iii) permission ‘may’ and ‘can’
.He may not come (probability)(He is unlikely to come)
. Can you recite the whole poem?(Asking about his ability)
. May I come in sir? (Asking for permission)(Please permit me to come in)
. Yes, you may. (Giving permission)

TASK 1: Match the following:

1. You can see me tomorrow. - capability
2. I can’t walk to work. - possibility
3. They might have forgotten the date of interview. - permission

TASK 2: Fill in the blanks using one of the modals given in brackets for each blank in the following passage:

You ……… (may / might) borrow books from the library during library hours. You……… (could / can) keep a book for 15 days, if you finish with it earlier.You should return it so that other students……… (might / can) borrow it.

You are not allowed to borrow reference books. You……… (may / could) read them in the library.

You ……… (may / can) want a book that has already been borrowed. In this case you ……… (may / can) ask the librarian to reserve it for you.

Talking aloud in the library causes inconvenience to others and……… (can / might) even be a nuisance.

TASK 3: Fill in the blanks with the appropriate expression retaining the meaning of the sentence given in brackets.

A: Why hasn’t she returned yet? It’s getting dark now.
B: She …………….. (may / might)
(It is likely that she is still working).
A: …………… (could) (How is it possible?)
B: Who knows? They ………… (might)
(Probably they have to send a consignment this night)
Anyway why don’t you give a ring to the office?
A: (After phoning) Nobody lifts the receiver,
The office………… (must)
(It is almost certain that the office is closed).


After checking your answers with your teacher, role- play
the dialogue.

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