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ticket less travellers conversation in English

A warning to ticket-less travellers!

If you have the ticket, it’s good.
If you don’t have it, it’s fine.

Did you get the two meanings for the word ‘fine’? Which
meaning is appropriate here?


Read the dialogue silently and then role-play it:

A mail to Wisconsin

A: If I send an e-mail to Wisconsin, we’ll get a reply.
B: How do we know that Chandru will check his mail? He is on a tour to Boston.
A: If he checks his mail within six hours we will get a reply before we board the plane tomorrow.
B: I wish I had mailed the message yesterday.
A: Yes, if you had done it yesterday, you would have got the reply by now.
B: Why didn’t you speak to him over the phone?
A: If I spoke to him over phone, he would reply. But unfortunately he doesn’t carry his cell phone with him this time.
B: Oh, I see. Then the only alternative is to postpone our US trip to next week.
A: That’s right; let me speak to the travel agent


‘If and ‘Whether’

e.g. I couldn’t decide whether / if I should take science group or not.


We use ‘if’ or ‘whether’ to say that two possibilities have been talked about or we are not sure about something.

TASK 1: Identify the type of the conditional (first, second or third) used in the following passage.

Unemployment in India has always been a menacing problem.Unless the government takes a drastic step to secure employment for the young people they will create problems to themselves and of the society. If the government had already addressed this problem some of the young people wouldn’t have become terrorists. If only the government ensured employment for atleast one person in a family, the suicide deaths could be avoided. It is a pity no government has realised this fact so far. If the problem of unemployment is given top priority, that will reduce poverty as well as terrorism.

TASK 2: Fill in the blanks in the dialogue with the correct form of the verb given in brackets, appropriate to the type of the conditional.

A: Who are you waiting here for?
B: My son is attending the counselling session for engineering seat.
A: My daughter too.
B: Did she write the test for the medical seat?
A: She did, but didn’t get through. If she ……….. (secure) 1.5 marks more she …………. (get) a medical seat. (Third conditional)
B: One more thing. If students ……. (take) more care about their studies, they ………………. (not, be) in trouble. (Second conditional)
A: Let’s hope for the best.
B: If they ……………. (secure) high scores in engineering, they ……….. (get) a better placement. (First conditional)


Role-play the above dialogue.

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