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usage of proverb - Laws grind the poor


Laws grind the poor
Because rich men rule the law.

Which of the following is the implication of the statement?

a) The laws of a state torture the poor people.
b) The rich men exploit the poor with the help of laws.
c) The rich men want to grab power to enact laws.


Write similar sentences on other points using ‘because’.

B. Role play the following dialogue:

X : How do you learn your lessons?
Y : While learning lessons, I always make notes so as to refer to it later.
X : I see, let me do it too.
Y : OK. Why are you going to school so early today?
X : I am going early in order to do the experiment which I missed yesterday.
Y : Let me also join you so that I can refer to the Scienc Encyclopaedia in the library.
X : Let’s go.


A. In the answers using the points ‘for’ and ‘against’ the dog, the word ‘because’ is used to give a reason for a particular situation. It is also acceptable to use ‘because’ in the
beginning of the sentence.

e.g. 1. Because the moon has a very thin atmosphere it cannot
sustain life.

One of the words ‘as’ and ‘since’ is also used to give a

e.g. 2. As it was getting dark I started walking towards home.

e.g. 3. Since he is visiting India to get married, he will take his wife with him to US.


‘because’ and ‘because of’

e.g. 4. The plane did not take off at the scheduled time because
of bad weather.

In e.g. 1, ‘because’ is a conjuction used along with a subject and
verb. It forms a subordinate clause that is, an adverbial clause of
But in e.g. 4, ‘because of bad weather’ is only a phrase.

B. ‘So as to-infinitive’ and ‘so that’ are used to show the expected
result of the action mentioned earlier in the sentence.

I always make notes so as to refer to it later.
The italicised part is a phrase.
The same sentence can also be written as -
I always make notes so that I can refer to it later.
The italicised part is a subordinate clause, that is an adverbial
clause of purpose.

‘In order’, to - /(infinitive)’ and ‘ in order that’ are used to
state the purpose of the first action mentioned.

Look at these sentences:

I am going early in order to do the experiment. (Phrase)
I am going early in order that I may do the experiment.
(Adverbial clause of purpose)

TASK 2:Fill in the blanks choosing the appropriate word from
the following ones:

because, since, in order that, so as to, as
In the hostel lounge

A: ………… it is getting late, let me start, I don’t think Rahim will join me.
B: You know Rahim spoke to me over phone a few minutes ago.
He cannot make it ………… he has met with a minor accident.
A: Oh, really? Why don’t you go and help him?
B: Let me wait here ………….. I meet my mother who is visiting me today.
A: I will rush to the spot …………. help him …………… you can attend the first period.
B: O, sure I will inform your classmaster.
A: OK. See you.


After filling in correctly, role-play the dialogue.

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