Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bank English puzzle

Task: Find the answers to the following puzzle. (Clue: All wordsare related to banking.)

1. Periodical remittance of a fixed amount
2. Remittance for a period of time
3. Students will profit if they showed this in their studies
4. Though he gives and takes money, he lacks fortune
5. Half in acre and half in ditto
6. Half of tide and a bit of bitter

F. Extensive reading

Success, especially success at business and commerce does not involve miracles, easy tasks or for that matter even luck. It means a lot, lot more than that.
Read the following poem and ponder on the above:

He worked by day
And toiled by night.
He gave up play
And some delight.
Dry books he read,
New things to learn.
And forged ahead,
Success to earn.
He plodded on with
Faith and pluck;
And when he won,
Men called it luck.


conglomerate : a large corporation formed by the merging of separate firms
algal : of algae
pesticide : substance for destroying insects and pests abrasives : substances capable of polishing or cleaning a hard surface
subsidiary : controlled by a holding or parent company
extruded : shaped by forcing through a die

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