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Preposition between, beside,behind,above, below - usage and exercise

A. Preposition of Location

Some of the prepositions of location are between, beside, behind, above, below, etc.

1. The state of Andhra Pradesh is situated between Tamilnadu and Orissa on the East Coast.
2. Kanyakumari assumes importance because it is a town beside the sea on the southern-most tip of land.
3. When the police was on search operation for the poacher, he suddenly ran from behind a tree and disappeared.
4. As for her studies Nithya is well above average in herclass.
5. The BP of the patient is below normal; call the doctor.

TASK 1: Pick out the prepositions and say whether each indicates place, time or location.

Shyamala from India writes a letter to her pen friend Miss. Caroline in England.

Dear Caroline,

Thank you for your letter describing your life at school. What a world of difference between your situation in England and mine here!

As you are eager to know about my daily routine, I am writing about it.

In my family as both my parents go to work, life is hectic for everyone here.

My parents get up at 5 in the morning. My mother would be busy cooking in the kitchen and my father reading newspaper till eight. All the three of us leave home around nine. I have to be in the school by half past nine.

At the end of the day all of us return home after six in the evening. My father arrives a bit late. We all can meet only at dinner.

During the exam days I have to be reading throughout the day except those three hours I write the exam. I even burn the midnight oil if I have a lot to read for the next day’s exam.

My birthday is on April 4th and the celebration this year will be simple because my brother is not with us. He is in Malaysia at the moment. I think your birthday is in the middle of May. I’ll surprise you with a novel gift.

Please write me how you spend your holidays in your country.

Looking forward to your early reply.

With love,

TASK 2: Eleven people live in a block of flats. Complete the
sentences with on / between / behind / above / below.
One is done for you.

1. Mani lives on the ground floor.
2. Ragul lives …………… Senthil and Ahamed.
3. Mohamad lives ……………… Ragu.
4. Jose lives …………………. Ragul.
5. Srinath lives …………… the first floor ………Ahamed.

TASK 3:In the following dialogue, fill in the blanks each with one of the following prepositions, appropriate to the context:

at, in, above, behind, beside and between

A: What day is day after?
B: Day after? Let me check. Where is the calendar?
A: It is ………… the shelf.
B: It is Friday today.
A: Friday? O my goodness! Today is the last day for paying the electricity bill.
B: Shall I go and pay the bill? But I don’t know where the electricity office is.
A: Walk down the main road. ......... the signal, turn right, you will see the Hotel Tamilnadu. Just ……… this Hotel you will see the office.
B: I think I have seen this. Is there a theatre ………. the office?
A: Exactly. That is theatre Ramya. In fact, the office is ……….. the hotel and the theatre.
B: Give me the bill and the money. I’ll be back ….. an hour.

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