Monday, May 30, 2011

Principal giving speech to students - example one

Imagine the Principal / Headmaster of your school speaking in the assembly, read the following speech silently.

Good morning students,

I am here to speak to you on some of your duties and responsibilities at school here. I noticed many of you walking in a very disorderly way during interval. When you use the staircase,
you should keep to your left. When you disperse from the assembly, you must form a line. When the teacher has already arrived in the class, you have to take his permission to enter the classroom.

Every morning when you meet a teacher, you should first of all, greet him or her. When you need to clarify a doubt with the teacher, you must ask him or her politely. When you want to enter the teacher’s room, you mustn’t barge in. You have to wait to me and get the permission of one of the teachers sitting there. Only then can you get in.

This kind of conduct will help you become respectful and responsible citizens of our country.


Look at the speech again and pick out the verb groups such as ‘must form’ which denote obligations.

TASK: Which of the pairs of sentences convey the meaning given under each pair?

1. You have to obey your parents.
You ought to obey your parents.
(The speaker is giving advice)
2. You have to submit the assignment.
You must submit the assignment.
(You are required to submit)
3. The manager should be at the office by now.
The manager should have been at the office.
(In fact he wasn’t)


In the following dialogue, the turns are scrambled. Unscramble them and role-play.

A. That’s fine, you have to meet him very soon.
B. Do you know my coach has already sent word for me?
A. Have you heard that India has got five gold medals in the Olympics?
B. You must be kidding.
A. O.K. Go ahead.
B. Yes, I’ll have to request him to coach me 2 hours a day.
A. You are a sprinter; you must get ready for the next Olympics.

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