Sunday, May 1, 2011

usage of word - Virtue

Read the following statement and try the answers for the
questions given below:


Virtue is persecuted by the wicked and it is loved by the good.

a. Who, in your opinion, are ‘the good’ and ‘the wicked’?

b. Why is virtue loved by ‘the good’?


Read the following description and answer the questions:


The tiny Easter Island is separated from the rest of the
Polynesian chain by the ocean water. The Island is surrounded by
three volcanoes. Its inhabitants are cut off from the rest of the
world. As it is situated in such a remote place, it is called the
Navel of the world.

The tiny island was first discovered by the English woman
Katherine Routledge in 1914-15. She described the island as ‘the
one where the past is present’…‘the land is still possessed by the
shadows of the departed builders’.

This island is famous for statues. These statues are built of buffcoloured
volcanic stone called moai. About 1000 of such statues have
been found which are 12 to 15 ft tall and weigh about
20 tons. The largest of such statues is 32 ft. tall and weighs 80

The Europeans did notable researches on these statues.
Because of these researches, many fallen statues were restored to
the original positions. Archaeologists did some careful experiments
and concluded that a 16 ft. long statue could be completed in a
year but by many sculptors.


1. Which island is called the ‘Navel of the World’?
2. How is the island described by Katherine?
3. What kind of stone are the statues built of?
4. By whom were the researches done?
5. What was the conclusion of some experiments?

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