Monday, June 6, 2011

Common Mistakes to Avoid During a Job Interview

There are plenty of common mistakes that one should avoid during a job interview because they can put you in a bad light in front of your future employer and you certainly don’t want this, especially with today’s lack of jobs and increase in the number of people applying for the same job.

If you had a job before you will be asked why you left and it is best if you don’t talk rude about your ex-boss even if he was the worst out there. So be sure to avoid condemning your other employers.

You should show your possible employer that you know how to solve problems, not create them, so be sure to avoid talking about the fact that you have participated in a court room no matter the outcome, because it will not increase your credibility in the eyes of a future boss.

Although you are encouraged to ask questions during the interview you should avoid being to anxious about the offered salary because this will be discussed for sure. You don’t want to seem desperate for a job, as this will put you in an unfavorable light in relation with your future company and you can forget negotiating for a better salary.

If you are going to use a person when asked for people who can vouch and talk about your activities during your last job or college performance, you should make sure that you have the consent of that person, because this will save you from embarrassing yourself.

Many employers often request potential candidates to fill out a standard application. Although they have probably read your resume, they want the information of all candidates to be presented in a standard format that will offer them an easier comparison. Never write “see resume for requested info” on an application form, be sure to always write down the wanted information again.

Show interest in the company or product. A candidate who does not care and has no information regarding either the company or its products is likely to fail, so make your own research before you go to the interview.

Appearance is not everything, but make sure to have decent clothes, adequate to the job and the company you are applying, take care of your hair, nails and avoid excessive jewelry.

Remember that you are trying to make a favorable impression, so do your best to avoid a possible rejection because of clumsy mistakes.

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