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Computer English terms

C. Reading

Task 1: What is the function of the operating system in a
computer? Discuss in groups of four.

Task 2: Read the following descriptions of various operating
systems, then answer the questions given.

Operating Systems:

MS DOS: This operating system was developed by Microsoft in 1981.
Today it’s used in old PC’s. Some basic DOS commands include -
DIR ( shows a list of all the files in a directory ), COPY (makes a
duplicate of a file ), DEL ( deletes files).
WINDOWS:Most home PCs use Windows.

With Windows 98, Internet access becomes part of the user interface.
The system includes Outlook Express for e-mail, NetMeeting
conferencing software, a chat programme and a Web-page editor.
Windows 2000 is designed for business uses.
Windows Millennium is designed for home use. It includes new system
safeguards and supports DVD, music players and mobile computers.
Windows XP is an update to all Windows versions, with a new visual
design. It’s more secure and reliable. It offers support for the latest
POCKET PC This is developed for handheld computers (or palmtops)
that use a stylus or a small keyboard for input.
Mac OS The Mac OS combines the elegance of Macintosh and the
power of UNIX. The new Mac OS, offers Internet capabilities, support
for Java, and Airport technology for wireless connections.
OS/2Warp This is the PC world’s most technically sophisticated
operating system. It provides true multi-tasking, allowing a
programme to be divided into ‘threads’, many of which can run at
the same time. Thus, not only can numerous programmes run
simultaneously, but one programme can perform numerous tasks
at the same time.
UNIXThis OS, designed by Bell Laboratories for minicomputers and
workshops, has been widely adopted by many corporate installations.
From the very first, it was designed to be a multi-tasking System. It is
written in C language. Unix is the most commonly used system for
advanced CAD programs.
LINUX (Linus Torvalds) Protected under the GNU general public
licence, Linux is the open source, cooperatively-developed multitasking
operating system. Linux is used as a high value, fully
functional UNIX workstation for applications ranging from Internet
Servers to reliable work group computing.
SOLARIS This is a Unix based operating system developed by
Sun Microsystems. It supports multi-processing – many CPUs and
processes on a single system. It includes Java technology, which
allows Web pages to display animation, play music and interact
with information.

Which operating system do the following lines refer to?

1. This is the most secure and reliable version of the Windows
family ……………..
2. This system combines the elegance of Macintosh and the
power of UNIX .…………………..
3. This system was developed for computers that use a stylus
4. This was designed for minicomputers ……………..
5. This system is now used in old PCs …………………
6. This system includes new system safeguards and supports
DVD, music players and mobile computers
7. This system was designed as a multi-tasking system and is
written in C language ……………………
8. This system can run not only several programs simultaneously, but
also enables each program to perform numerous tasks at the same
time ………………

Task 3: Several Acronyms have been used in the given text.
Work with a partner and make a list. Then say what
each Acronym stands for. Ask your Computer teacher
to help you with the words you don’t know.

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