Saturday, June 18, 2011

English Glossary - Learn new words


razor sharp : clever
packed : fit into limited time
fuss : worry
excerpt : part / passage taken from a book
streamlining : making more efficient by simplifying
threat : indication of harm, danger, pain
contender : rival
stringer : a part-time journalist
correspondent : a person employed by a newspaper to send
surplus : amount in excess
inched : moved very slowly in small steps
outclassed : surpassed in quality
broadcast : to transmit or radio/television
sporting : fair.just
sellout : all tickets sold
staged : performed a show
punishing form : in perfect form
scarcely : hardly
fine leg : a fielding position (oblique to and behind
the wicket)
ropes : boundary line
boundary : marked limit of a playing area
mission : specific task / duly assigned to a person /
full toss : a ball that reaches the batsman without
sweep : to play a ball (butting technique)
boom : prosper vigorously
pundit : an expert
cyber : indicatingcomputers
e-zine : electronic (online) magazine
decade : ten years
allied : related
flexible : adaptable
online : internet while it is operating/ functioning
fm radio : frequency modulation radio
evolving : changing
relevant : applicable
commerciall : profitable / marketable
medium : means ofcommunicationthat reach large
numbers of people such as television.
newspapers and radio
 impact : force
dormant : undeveloped
hushed : quiet
ceremonial : traditional/ritual
flavour : essence /zest
culminate : end/close
parade : procession/display
reverence : respect/admiration

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