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Example interview conversation in English

The following mock interview will give you an idea of what to expect from a potential employer, as well as suggested responses and answers to avoid. Practising with a friend or teacher will give you confidence for when you have to do the real thing.

The Interviewer

Ms. Lalitha Raj -
Associate Director of Personnel Services
Retail Services Corporation (RSC)

Introduction Session

Interviewer: “Hello, I’m Lalitha Raj, Associate Director of Personnel Services. It is very nice to meet you this morning. Please follow me back to my office. Could I offer you a cup of coffee or a soft drink?”
Recommended Answer: “Thank you, Ms. Raj, it’s very nice to be here. I appreciate the opportunity to speak with you this morning.Thank you for the offer of coffee, but I’m just fine right now.”
Answer to Avoid: “I’m just glad I could find the place. Sure, I’ll take a cup of coffee, extra cream and sugar. Nice office you have here.”
Remember: Maintain eye contact and offer a firm handshake.

The Interview

Interviewer: “Have a seat; I’d like to ask you a few questions this morning if I may. Tell me a little bit about yourself, what you like to do in and out of school. How would you describe the way you deal with people?”
Recommended Answer: “Thank you for the opportunity to meet with you today. I would describe myself as a typical teenager. I enjoy school, extracurricular activities, and I work a few hours a week after school. Dealing with people is one of my strong points, as I seldom find someone I cannot work with. I have many friends at school and get along with all kinds of people. I’m involved in a club at school in which I am often called upon to mediate between groups with very different ideas.”
Answer to Avoid: “I don’t do much besides going to class. I hang out with my friends a lot and we play video games. I guess I get along with people OK, and this job looks like it is something fun to do.”

Next Question

Interviewer: “What makes you interested in retail sales as a place to start your career? Have you ever had any retail sales experience?” Recommended Answer: “I have retail experience in several areas, from selling raffle tickets for the marching band to my experience in the high school bookstore. I’m interested in a retail career because I enjoy working with people, and I’m looking for a position which offers both personal and financial growth based on my sales initiative.”
Answer to Avoid: “I don’t have much work experience. I’ve done a few things in higher secondary school sort of like this, but I don’t know how much it is really like it.”

Next Question

Interviewer: “It sounds like you’ve had interesting experiences;I appreciate your honesty. Would you describe yourself as apunctual person? How would you rate your maths and computer skills compared to others in your class?”
Recommended Answer: “I have always been an early riser and enjoyed getting to high school on time. I don’t think I’ve been late for school during my entire high school career. I enjoyed maths, although English was my favourite subject. I have taken several computer courses and feel my skills are among the best in my class. I used a computer to track the inventory and ordering in the school bookstore.”
Answer to Avoid: “I get to school on time most days and don’t skip classes. I really didn’t like maths much. I took a computer class; it seemed pretty easy. I play video games, so I know how to use one.”

Next Question

Interviewer: “Unfortunately, many young people do not develop a strong commitment to their work; how will you be different?Why should I hire you for this position?”
Recommended Answer: “Sticking with a job to its completion is a value I truly believe in. I’ve learned through my school studies and my music lessons that the only way to succeed is to do the best job from beginning to end. You should hire me for this job because I am the type of person you need to continue your success.I’m a hard worker who learns quickly, I already possess many of the skills you’re looking for, and I have the personal motivation to
get the job done right!”
Answer to Avoid: “I don’t mind working; it’s what we all have to do. I know you will make it clear what I have to do and I’ll get it done. I think I can do a good job for you and you won’t have to watch over me all of the time.”

Exiting the Interview

After the interview, don’t forget to say thank you and good-bye to any individual with whom you have had contact during the day. Leaving the potential employer with a positive attitude is as important as walking in the door with one!

Interviewer: “I’ve enjoyed our conversation today. Thank you for your answers and observations. We have several days of interviews scheduled for the position, so I will be in touch with you over the course of the next several weeks. Good-bye.”
Recommended Answer: “I have enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about the Customer Service Representative position. The opportunity this job affords me is of great interest. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Again, thank you for taking the time to see me today.”
Answer to Avoid: “Thanks. I am interested in what might develop
out of this, too. Bye.”

Additional Suggestions

Watch your language. You are in a professional setting, and your choice of words should reflect that. Avoid using slang or any trendy phrases. And for heaven’s sake, don’t swear.Remember that everything you say and do is being observed and evaluated. Be careful to avoid other possible turnoffs, such as:
chewing gum
slumping in your chair
cracking your knuckles
wearing excessive makeup or jewellery
checking your watch
failing to use proper titles (Mrs., Dr., Mr., etc.)

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