Thursday, June 9, 2011

Interview exercise - roleplay as interviewer and job seeker

Task 2: You have been called for an interview in a reputed school for the post of teacher of Mathematics. A panel of experts on the subject is conducting the interview. Complete the mock interview given below and role-play with a partner.

Savita : Good morning gentlemen.
Member 1 : Good morning Ms. Savita. Please take a seat.
Savita : Thank you, sir.
Member 1 : We learn from your bio-data that you have an excellent academic record. Why do you want to teach and not study further?
Savita : Teaching is my passion sir. And teaching mathematics to children is a real challenge. I want to excel in it and plan to take up higher studies after gaining some teaching experience.
Member 2 : Have you taught before?
Savita : Yes sir. I worked in a rural school in South TamilNadu for three years, soon after completing my graduation.
Member 3 : As you must be aware this school places a lot of importance on academic excellence.How will you motivate students to give their best?
Savita : Sir, I believe in making learning fun and that’s the only way students will enjoy learning. Once they enjoy themselves they will apply it in the examinations.
Member 1 : Well, we have …………………….. If selected when would you join us?
Savita : …………………………………………………

Task 3: In pairs go through the Classifieds section of anyEnglish newspaper. In the “situations vacant” section choose any one job that you might be interested in applying for. Write down the job requirements and other relevant information and write a role-play using the mock interview as model. Then present to the class.

Task 4: Given below is a job profile. Using it as a model make a job profile of your own ‘dream job.’

Creative Director

As a Creative Director, the responsibilities are to develop graphic representation of company product lines in print and electronic media, and to create and implement plans for introduction of new product lines.
Education A Bachelor’s degree in graphic arts, marketing or related field.
Experience A minimum of two-years’ experience working with manufacturers in creative development, and familiarity with computer design and word processing software.
Résumé Builders Work with start-up sporting goods manufacturer. Develop computer experience with broad range of software packages.
Salary Ranges from Rs.25,000, average Rs.35,000, to the top Rs.50,000.

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