Thursday, June 9, 2011

Interview on internet - How to prepare - tips

 Preparing for an interview over the Internet (Chat with
web camera)

Hiring experts are using the Internet to conduct interviews more often these days because it is a cost-effective way to sort through candidates without flying them all in.

Tips for preparing for an interview over the Internet:

.Be sure to spend time up-front to chat informally with the interviewer; get acquainted and feel comfortable, just as you would for in-person interviews.

.Be careful of what information you are passing over because the electronic record of an interview can theoretically be used to discriminate against a candidate based on their appearance, a violation of equal opportunity laws.

.Look at the camera, not at the screen: it creates the impression that you are looking directly at the person at the other end.

.Dress smartly and sit comfortably. Be conscious of your body language. You are on camera!
.Make sure the headphones or microphones are adjusted properly.

.Chat room lingo is highly informal; in an interview avoid being too casual; and ‘flaming’ (insulting remarks) is definitely unacceptable.

.Be alert and prompt in answering questions.

Task: At the computer lab or Internet centre conduct a mock interview in pairs based on the transcript given in the section ‘Preparing for an Interview’. Make sure you follow the instructions. Save the chat transcripts and review in class.

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