Thursday, June 30, 2011

Learning English - Basic tips

You don't need to be worried, learning English can actually be fun, don't worry about, take a deep breath and just try your best.

Have you ever thought that maybe people cant understand you when you speaking to them? Well don't feel nervous when you speaking English as this will cause you to pronounce English words wrong even more. Don't feel annoy at yourself if you get a word wrong, just talk clearly and slowly so that the person you are speaking with understands you and you can have a great, relaxed, in depth informative conversation with someone.

All you need to do is ask yourself, why is English hard to learn? If you ask this question to yourself you should be able to answer it with, well.. English isn't that hard to learn, 5 year old children can speak great English, this means that I should be able too speak advanced English quite easily. It all comes with practice.

All you need to do is watch many English videos, possibly on Youtube or another free video hosting website, it doesn’t matter what its about as long as you can understand what they are saying, all you need to do then is repeat after them, build up your confidence, repeat what people on videos are saying and it will help you pronounce the words better.

Don’t blame yourself if your English isn’t that good, every one has trouble with language at some point in there life.
Its not your fault and you are not the problem, the reason why you are finding the English language quite difficult is because it is a very complicated language to start with.

As long as you want to help yourself then you will be ok, make sure you take your time listening, reading and writing these are the 3 main key steps to becoming a master of the English language.

Spoken English is the main thing you need to focus on, try speaking to people even if its just on Skype, someone you have never spoken to before, Skype is a free voice instant messaging program you can use on your computer for free, you can speak to people in chat rooms there who usually all speak English, even if you just listen to what there saying and take notes and ask questions if you need to, usually a lot of people in these chat rooms will speak with you and help you out.

When it comes to speaking English you need to make sure your grammar is brilliant, you need to make sure you pronounce the words correctly, have you ever felt that your knowledge of the English language is letting you down? Have you felt embarrassed that your spelling mistakes are happening too often when your writing?

When I was learning English this is what I did, I watched Youtube videos and also spoke with people who I didn’t know so I didn’t feel embarrassed if I made a mistake because I would possibly never speak to that same person again.

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