Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Dos and Donts at a Job Interview

We could also call them tips and tricks for interviews and we should start with being there on time. Do not be late because that will show that you are not reliable even before the actual interview starts.

Appearance is crucial at interviews. Avoid excessive jewelry; go for neutral colors, elegant clothes and tidy nails and hair. Avoid excessive make-up and piercing if possible; they are not what employers are looking for.

Ask intelligent questions   addressing stupid or no questions to your interviewers is certainly a dont if you want real chances of getting a job.

Be informed! Information means power, so knowing what the company and its products are all about is a required thing for a successful interview.

Be sure of yourself! No matter if you end up employed or not, with every interview you get more experience and self confidence for future interviews, so youll have nothing to lose in the end.

Try to overcome your emotions! Remember that the interviewer is also human, and he can make mistakes and have emotions too, so you are not the only one with some butterflies in the belly.

Show your future employer that you can handle stressful situations. A candidate that can prove, with his former activities, that he or she solved some problems on the former job, came up with solutions and took control in desperate situations, will be much more interesting in the eyes of his/her employer. Initiative and interest are two valuable traits an employee should have.

If you had a job before, be certain that one of the questions you will receive will involve the reasons of why you left your previous work place. Do not talk rude about your last boss or company even if that is true because that will not help you obtain employment. Your future employer will think that you are the complaining type and that wont help with the morale of his other employees.

When asked for references from other people you should only provide persons that gave you their consent to be used in this sense, because this will save you from an unpleasant situation.

Remember these basic tips and tricks and try to control yourself from making stupid mistakes that might ruin your chances despite what is wrote in your resume. If you need it, you can even practice answering to different possible questions in front of your mirror. There is no shame in not knowing something, but there is no excuse for indifference. As a rule, any employer wants a person that can commit to their job and looks for the specific signs from the interview.

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