Monday, July 11, 2011

Hospital English terms

English for Medicine

A doctor’s instructions to his patients:

• Come back on Tuesday for the dressing.
• Use this antiseptic cream on the abrasions.
• Tilt your head.
• Avoid exerting yourself too much.
• Take one capsule twice a day – one in the morning and one at bed-time – both before every meal.
• You should go to the lab, on an empty stomach for the test.
• Take two teaspoons of this syrup at night.
• Take a bland diet. Avoid hot, spicy food.
• Take half a tablet after every meal, three times a day.
• Lie down with your feet raised. You could use a pillow.
• Take one puff of this inhaler in the morning and one at night.

D. Writing


Case Summary: Child admitted with H/o recurrent sore throat – fever – treated for tonsillitis each time – No ear discharge – Nasal stuffiness present – Admitted for Tonsillectomy
Examinations: Afebrile – comfortable – BP 120/70 mm. Hg –Pulse 82/mt. Reg. – Throat-no congestion
Operation Notes: Tonsillectomy – Under GA tonsillectomy done both sides fossa clear
Post Operative Course: Uneventful
Treatment Given: Syp. Chemotrin forte 2 tsp./bd Syp. Ultragin 2 tsp./tds Syp. Ostocalcium B12 2 tsp./bd
Condition on Discharge: Pt conscious Afebrile Pulse 92 mt No bleeding from oral cavity
Advised: Syp. Chemotrinforte 2 tsp./bd for 7 days Syp. Ultragin 2 tsp./tds
Diet Advised: 1st day – ice cream, rose milk, ice water 2nd day – biscuits, bread, tea, coffee, bournvita, horlicks, curd rice 3rd / 4th / 5th day- idli, rice kanji, curd rice, pongal, bread and biscuits 6th & 7th day – vegetable rice, green rice, dhal rice

No ‘hair wash’, no hot, spicy food – 15 days

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