Sunday, July 17, 2011

How to Determine whether You Did Well In a Job Interview

When you are invited for an interview, you often have lots of question about how well you did. However, you do not have to wait for the employer’s call to determine the answer to that question since you can use a few common parameters to assess your own performance.

In addition, you will do well when you are well prepared for the interview in all aspect. Being in time is important thus you already made good impression for the company.

Lengthy interview
The interviewer will not bother to waste time if he is not interested in you. When the conversation takes a long time, you are doing well in answering his questions and he wants to know more about you. The more information they get from you, the more plus point that could add in evaluating you.

Follow up interview
The interviewer shows interest on you if they called you up for the next round of interview. This means that you have been chosen as a candidate for the job. The manager might see potential in you thus he wants to ask more questions which are not been ask in the initial interview. In this way, they will be able to test your consistency after doing well in the first round of interview.

Salary Discussion

Once the manager took the conversation in salary discussion, it is certain sign that you are hired. It is like the company is dealing with you about the price of your work.  It is where they figure out how they invest in you.

Request for reference 

Request for reference at the closing stages is a sign that the interview gone well. They just have to check your background to support the interview through asking references.

Planning for the future

If the interview gone in a part where you were making future plans, it indicates that the manager wants to visualize your facility. After you impressed the manager, he wants to look beyond after seeing your capability. 

Body Language

This is one the signs we often noticed to the interviewer during the process of the interview. Showing positive body language also expresses that you’ve been like. If you feel comfortable with your conversation with the interviewer, he shows politeness, pays attention and smile at you, you’re doing well. You will also notice if the interviewer is not interested to hire you at all when he seems don’t listen to you and in a hurry.

Another obvious way to determine if you are doing well in an interview and enticed the interviewer is when he tells you to call him for further questions or give you a business card. Obviously they won’t bother to communicate with you if they are not interested.

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