Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Model Quiz in English

Quiz Master : Now on to some of Man’s greatest feats of engineering – man-made ‘Holes’ in the ground!
QM : Team A -
How deep is the world’s deepest open mine?
(a) 2000 feet (b) 2540 feet (c) 2700 feet
Team A : 2540 feet!

QM : Right! Now team B -
How deep is the world’s deepest water well?
(a) 7320 feet (b) 5000 feet (c) 9000 feet
Team B : 5000 feet!

QM : Wrong! The correct answer is 7320 feet. And do
you know where it is? You get a bonus point if
you answer correctly. Team B? No? Team A?
Team A : In India?

QM : No, ….. It’s in Montana, USA.
QM : Next question to Team A -
Where is the deepest mine in the world?
Team A : Sorry ….. we pass.
QM : Team B?
Team B : Is it in South Africa?
QM : Yes indeed, it is. Do you know what it is called?
…. No? …..‘The Western Deep’. And do you know
that nearly all the deeper mines are gold mines?
Question to Team B now,
Where is the tallest structure in the world?
Team B : In Poland! …. the Warsaw Radio Mast.
QM : Correct! Now a simple question to you Team A -
Where is the only gold mine in South India?
Team A : In Karnataka.
QM : Right! And do you know what it is called?
Team A : Is it the Kolar Gold Mine?
QM : Yes! But the mine has run dry now and there are
no longer any mining operations today.
Now one last question each to both the teams.
Team B first - Where was the world’s deepest
drilling done?
Team B : (after much whispering) Sorry ………
QM : The question passes to TeamA -
Team A : (after a quick discussion) Was it the USSR?

QM : That’s right, it was! Well done, Team A! Did you know they had drilled to a depth of 31,911 feet!

Right!Well done, both teams! It’s time to say good bye now.
Good bye and good luck!

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