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Speaking Good English - Giving an Extempore Lecture / Talk - 3 Best points

I. Giving an Extempore Lecture / Talk

When you are required to give a talk / lecture without prior information and time for preparation, you are giving an extempore talk or speech. Such an occasion is challenging; but it can also be an interesting experience, if you learn the basic skills of speaking effectively. Mastering the art of speaking is the most important requirement today to find a good job and to chart a good career.

In this section you will learn the basics of ‘effective speaking’ in general, and giving extempore talks and speeches for specific occasions in particular.

Structuring your speech with ‘3 Ts’

A good speech has generally the following simple ‘structure’, called ‘3 Ts’:

(a) ‘T’elling the audience what you are going to tell them
(b) ‘T’elling them (what you want to tell them)
(c) ‘T’elling them what you told them

In the first part of your speech, tell the audience your major points in outline form. (“Tell ’em what you’re going to tell ’em”)In the middle part of your speech, repeat your points, filling
them out. (“Tell ’em”)

In speeches, repetition is not only required, it’s good. A speech is very different from a book. Because a listener can’t go back and review, it is important that you repeat your main points.

At the end of your speech, say the points again. Announce that you are repeating, or recapping, or summarising, so the audience doesn’t think you are making a mistake (“Tell ’em what you told em”), but don’t skip this step.
The “3 – T” structure works like a charm. It makes it easy for your
audience to follow, and believe what you say.

Sticking to ‘4 Points’

One of the biggest mistakes speakers make is trying to say too much. That’s understandable: a speech is a golden opportunity, so you want to say all you can. The problem is, the more points you make, the less likely the audience is to remember what you say.It’s much better to limit yourself to four points and hammer them home. Ideally, the first two or three points should add up to your last point.

Task 1: Given below is an outline of an extempore talk on ‘Rain Water Harvesting’; let the class practise it, giving opportunity to every student to add his/her own ideas in the outline:
.Preamble: Formal salutations and greetingsGood morning / Good evening. Respected chairperson & other dignitaries on the stage and my dear friends. I am glad to present my views on……
.Introduction –Topic:
I would like to present my views on Rainwater harvesting.
There is scarcity of water throughout the State.
.Speaker’s motive:
Since the ground water level has gone down, remedial measures have been taken by the TN Govt. to provide drinking water facility all over the State.
.Supportive points:
No water release from the neighbouring State:
1. Insufficient water due to various factors.
2. Insufficient rain in the catchment areas.
3. Large use of motor to tap the ground water for irrigation and domestic purposes.
Due to the reasons mentioned above RWH cannot be neglected & serious steps have to be taken by every individual on a warfooting, to save ourselves from the cruel hands of draught.
.Recommendations and obligations:
I request the public to install RWH infrastructure in their homes and offices.

Task 2:Take more practise in other topics of current interest like:

a) The importance of computers in today’s life
b) Spirituality as the universal binding force
c) Education should help students develop their total personality, not just the intellect
d) Actors must stay away from politics
e) The telecast of TV channels must be regularized in both quantity and quality

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