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Giving Inaugural and Farewell speech - How to start

II. Formal, Prepared Speeches

a) Giving an Inaugural Address

Follow all the suggestions given above and the outline shown below, to practise formal speeches for inaugurations of various functions, seminars and conferences:

.Preamble: Formal salutations and greetingsGood morning / Good evening to the assembled. Respected chairperson, and other dignitaries on the stage and my dearfriends.It is a golden opportunity to inaugurate this conference / seminar / workshop on “the need for computer literacy”.

.Importance of the topic:
Nothing can be achieved without computers in this world of technology. I hope this meet will throw new light on the different aspects of computer literacy.

I declare open the conference / seminar / workshop / science meet.
I wish all success.

b) Giving a Farewell Speech:

Follow all the suggestions given above and the outline shown below, to give farewell speeches :
.Preamble: Formal salutations and greetings Respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends.
With a heavy heart I stand before you today. I stand here as a representative of my batch.
Our association with this institution over the years, hasmoulded us positively to face the future even against any odds
We have benefited much from this association. The education
and experience gained here will go a long way in shaping our
.Thanking and taking leave:
Parting is very much a part of life and it is inevitable.As we stand at the crossroads of life, we owe our sincere gratitude to this renowned institution. I also wish a bright future for my friends and batch-mates.

Thank you ………..

Task 1: You have been selected to chair the child jury for the best documentary. Using the tips given above prepare an inaugural address.

Task 2: It is the last day of a national meet for youth leaders.Having represented your school, you take leave. Prepare a farewell speech.

Task 3: Recall the famous speeches that have changed the world.
Practise them.

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