Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Reading Practice in English -

(1) It taught us all we know.
It’s not all bad being a tortoise.
They do live to a very old age.
They suffer few mechanical breakdowns.
They have a very poor appetite
They’re not, as we know, the swiftest of creatures.
But need we remind you of the story of the hare and the
So – it’s ‘Cedar’ for you – yes – ‘CEDAR’ - the age old –
reliable car!
(2) With more people in more places you can always count on
our in-depth knowledge to deliver on time, every time –
without wasting time.
Your shipment is cleared for customs even before it lands.
We move the world - That’s us – ‘Swift’ - as swift as swift
can be!
(3) No more Travellers’ cheques. No more cash. Just carry this
magic card to access ATM and shop anywhere in the World.
A prepaid card for travel abroad - the ‘Vishwa Yatra’ card –
with you all the way! - From the ‘Bania Bank’.
(4) ‘Kaana’ a leader in TFT technology, memory chips and semi
conductors, brings a host of unique and never before
features – Phones - styled by world famous designers –
larger screens - more colours - multi lingual - easy to use
menus - crystal clear sound in every call - so no matter what
your addiction is, there’s one for you - go for it!

English for Academic purposes - within the class room

A. Listening

Task 1: Listening for the main idea -Some of the reasons for the depletion of water resources are simple to understand: population growth and the spread of economic activity on an industrial scale have led to a dramatic increase in the demand for fresh water. Meanwhile, the rapid spread of urbanisation has changed the patterns of consumption, while the need to increase the area of productive land has caused greater demand for irrigation. Another “key” factor is deforestation. Forests act like vast sponges, retaining water and gradually releasing it into freshwater ecosystems. Take the forest away, and that water is going to be wasted. Then, there are the effects of climate change. Weather patterns are becoming more erratic, with drought in some places matched by severe flooding in others. As a result, there is no water where it is needed and too much where it is not. Without any reduction of CO2 emissions, annual rainfall is projected to decline by 10 to 40% by 2100. (Data source: Green peace)

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