Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tips for Dressing Properly for a Job Interview

Most people go on an interview thinking that their resume and skills are all that matter. But if you really want to land that job, you need to make a good impression too by dressing well for that interview. You must then dress to look smart and tidy, but most importantly, you have to look professional. It is best to learn about what position you are applying for or learn about the company culture to have an idea on how to dress for a job interview.

There are different dress code and tips to live by for men and women. If you want to make a lasting good impression, then you need to start with a few basic tips. Dressing up for an interview does not solely refer to what you wear, but also how you groom yourself. Below are tips categorized for men and women.

Proper Interview Dress Code for Men:

• Choose a conservative and professional-looking suit. Preferably, it must be navy blue, black, or dark grey in color.
• If you do not have a suit, wear a long-sleeved polo shirt on the interview.
• Wear a necktie with basic color and patterns. Avoid jazzy designs or too colorful ties that look unprofessional.
• If possible, do not wear any jewelry except for basic items such as a watch.
• Wear socks that match the color of your pants.
• Carry your resume or other important documents required to bring during interview in a briefcase.
• Cut your hair short or neatly style it.
• Do not wear perfume, especially the ones that have pungent scent.
• Clean your fingernails by trimming them. Also, clean shave your face.

Proper Interview Dress Code for Women:

• Wear a conservative business suit, whether you prefer pants or skirt. For women wearing skirt, opt for ones that are knee-length or below the knees in length. Make sure that the skirt or pants are well fitted and not too tight.

• When pairing your pants or skirt, choose professional and no-frills blouses. Opt for professional colors such as cream, pale blue, or white. Avoid wearing blouses that have a low neckline.

• Wear leather shoes. If you can find any, opt for shoes that match the color of your outfit. If not, then settle for neutral colors so it would suit whatever you are wearing.

• Minimize your use of jewelry. Stick to the basics such as a watch or earrings.

• Wear simple and natural looking makeup. If you wear your makeup too thick, it does not exhibit a professional look and it would create a completely different impression on your employer.

Remember the above tips for dressing up properly for a job interview if you want to secure your job. It might not guarantee that you will be hired, but it will give you a good enough impression, especially if they are considering a lot of applicants.

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