Saturday, August 27, 2011

Type of Direct speech and Indirect speech with examples

Statements (Direct speech and Indirect speech)

(Direct speech) "What can I do for you?" the Headmaster asked the boy.
"I have come to ask you for a scholarship", the boy said.

(Indirect speech) The Headmaster asked the boy what he could do for him.
The boy replied that he had come to ask him for a scholarship.

Interrogatives (Yes or No questions)

(Indirect speech) The doctor asked the patient, "Do you smoke?"
(Indirect speech) The doctor asked the patient whether (if) he smoked.

Interrogative wh questions 

Direct speech - The teacher said to the boys, "Where do you want to go?"
(1ndirect speech -  The teacher asked the students where they wanted to go.

imperative sentences

D.speech - The teacher said to the boys, "Don't write on both sides of the
(Indirect speech). The teacher asked the boys not to write on both sides of the

Exclamatory sentences
D.Speech - "What a beautiful view it is!" said my friend.
My friend said that it was a very beautiful view.

Note: When a sentence in the direct speech is transformed into the reported speech, it
undergoes certain changes. Can you identify them?

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