Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Improve your vocabulary - Idioms

1. drag up a child- bring up a child without proper training
2. done to a turn - extremely well done
3. drop out - cease to complete
4. drop-outs - those who withdraw
5. exact from - demand and get from
6. feather in one's cap - something one may feel proud of
7. follow something up - pursue
8. heart and soul - completely, with utter dedication
9. A penny for your thoughts? - What are you thinking about?
10. a chance in a million - either no chance at all or a very slim chance
11. two sides of the same coin - two contrasting characters in the same category
12. a million dollar question - a question with a much awaited and
valuable answer
13. as good as gold - very well behaved
14. to cash in on - to take advantage
15. thirty pieces of silver - the money paid to Judas lscariot for
betraying Jesus. Christ (This phrase is
used as a symbol of betrayal)

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