Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Reading skill practice and exercise

Reading Skill :

It took three long years for my coming into existence, after the idea of a new currency was conceived. I was first conceived and named on 1st Jan, 1999, when eleven European countries a decided to have a new money form i.e. Euro. My value was determined as per the conversion rate fixed by these countries in terms of their own currencies. On 1 January 2002, 1 was circulated as currency notes when twelve countries adopted me as their currency. Some countries opposed the idea of using me and initially refused to accept me. But now almost all the European countries have accepted me as valid currency. My brother Dollar who is in America, my brother Lira residing in Italy and my sister Sterling were quite jealous of me but soon they accepted my existence and started respecting me. I now enjoy a place of pride among all the currencies in the world and almost everyone accepts me freely.

1. When did Euro come into worldwide acceptance?
2. Euro was accepted without opposition- Is this statement true or false
3. Bring out the sibling rivalry in the family of Euro.
4. What is the present status of Euro?
5. To which continent does this currency belong? Find out the lianies of at
least three countries whose currency is the Euro.

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