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writing invitation letter - sample letter - writing tips


An invitation should contain specific information about a planned event, such as the occasion, the time and place, and any other special details guests might need to know.

The text of the invitation should be short, and should mention:

(i) the name of the person sending out the invitation
(ii) the name of the person to whom the invitation is sent
(iii) the object of the invitation, i.e., School Day,Inauguration, Farewell, Conference, etc.
(iv) the exact time and date when the guest is expected to attend
(v) the place where the function is to be held

Sample Letter of Invitation

D. Ravi Kumar
School Pupil Leader
WISDOM Vidyashram
K.K. Nagar

Dr. R. Ganapathy
Professor of English
Bharathidasan University

I am happy to invite you to be the Chief Guest at the inauguration of ‘Literary Club’ to be held at our school auditorium at 3 p.m. onMonday, 13th Sep. 2005.

We request you to confirm your availability on that date, so that we can proceed further.

Thank you,

Yours sincerely,


If you have been invited to a function and will be able to attend the function it is good to send your acceptance or, if you will be unable to attend, it’s polite to send a letter of regret. A written reply is especially appropriate if you were sent a written invitation.

Task: Using the model given above, write a letter of invitation to the Chief Education Officer of your District, inviting him to be the Chief Guest at your School Day Celebrations.


The purpose of a thank-you letter is to express appreciation for a gift or a favour someone gave you. Try to say more than just “thank you”; Give details about how the person’s gift or how his efforts were helpful or appreciated.



Write a letter to the Manager - HR, TI Cycles of India Ltd.,Ambattur, Chennai 600 053, seeking permission to visit the factory. Give the number of students and the date on which you propose to visit.

Chennai Public School
R. A Puram

The Manager - HR
TI Cycles of India Ltd.,
Chennai 600 053.

This year, visiting some factories to see the actual working of their plants is a part of our science curriculum. In this connection, the members of the Science Club of our school wish to visit your
factory during August 2005. Being the Secretary of this Club, I have been deputed to make all necessary arrangements.

We are a group of thirty students and two teachers. I hope you will grant us permission and encourage us.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully,
Raman Lamba
Secretary, Science Club


Read the following letters to the editor published in a leading English daily:

Sir, - Veerappan is no martyr who lost his life fighting for the nation or a cause. The undue hype in the media over him and his family is unwanted.

B K Moorthy,

Sir, - Veerappan was a nightmare for many people and a RobinHood for some. Our social structure needs to be revamped to prevent Veerappans, Phoolan Devis, naxalites and others from challenging the existing order. They are manifestations of social imbalance.

K Singh,
Gopalganj, Bihar

Sir, - All praise to the STF for ending the menace afflicting TamilNadu and Karnataka for almost two decades….

V. Ravi,

Task 1: Which of the above letters -

(a) appreciates?
(b) criticises?
(c) looks at a social problem?

Here is an example of a letter, a type which is seen often:

Sir, - In the 5th lane of Subramanian Garden Cross Street in Perambur, sewage mixed with rainwater has been stagnating for the last one year.We have requested the Corporation to clean the street, but nothing has been done.

B. Abdullah,

Task 2:
Write letters to the editor –

(a) appreciating
(b) criticising
(c) highlighting a social problem


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