Thursday, November 17, 2011

Children English learning activities

Presenting the content

1. Newspaper cuttings with advertisements, announcement,
cartoon pictures and competitions. Introduce the
new words such as ‘advertisement’, ‘cartoon’ etc., of this
lesson through pictures, newspapers or through creating

2. Choose three children. Ask them to write the names,
Ravi, Balaji and Ragupathy (each child a name) on pieces
of paper. Pin the paper pieces on their shirt. Ask them to
stand infront of the class at various places. Place the TV
model on the table; and the Radio model on the chair.
Write the sentences “Save money in the post office...” on
a paper strip paste it on the radio model. Similarly write
the sentence: “A patient needs ....” and paste it on the TV
model. Enact the lesson through mono acting. When you
take up Balaji’s role, stand near Balaji. Do other
characters in the same way. When the news from radio
and TV are said, act as the News Reader from Radio / TV

3. Help the three children to find out the dialogue of their
character in the lesson. Ask another child to stand near
radio and give the announcement in the right context. Do
the same for TV announcement. Help the five children
read aloud their respective part sequentially.

4. Ask some simple questing such as,
Who is Ragupathy?
Who switched on the TV?
Where does the announcement about blood come from?
Help the children answer the questions.

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