Saturday, November 12, 2011

English Learning Activities - Reading newspaper - Motivating children

Learn to read some simple headlines such as, ‘Tendulkar hits century’, ‘Elections in four states
on November 25th etc., in English news papers.

􀃄 Read some simple advertisements in English
newspapers and TV as given in the text.

􀃄 Listen to TV and radio advertisements and
understand the message.

Motivational Activity

1. Ask the children ‘what is the important news today?’ or
‘Is there any important news about cricket / hockey?’ Let
the children answer even in Tamil. Translate their news
in English. If the same news is in the English newspaper,
read it aloud.

2. Ask the children the following question:
Do you listen to Radio?
What are the programmes you listen to?
Do you watch TV?
What are the items you watch?
Have you ever listened to English news from Radio / TV?

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