Friday, November 25, 2011

Motivational story in English

Purity of Mind
Once upon a time, a rishi called Gautama did tapasya to obtain certain powers. For several
days, months and years, he observed rigoruous austerities. He did not eat and drink; he stood on single
foot; he controlled the senses; he meditated on the chosen deity; one day in the morning, he went to the
river for a holy dip. On the bank of the river there was a tree. A crane which was sitting on a branch
of the tree, defiled the rishi’s head. The rishi was disturbed, annoyed and looked at the bird an agent. It
fell down dead. The rishi was happy that with his power, he could kill a bird.

After a while, he went begging for food. At one house, the house -wife was busy which again
made him annoyed. She came out, looked at him gently and said, “Sir, I’m not a crane to be killed by
your stare, sorry for the delay. I’m serving my husband and feeding my children. Please accept the
food.” The rishi was wonderd how she was able to know the fate of the crane. Then as per her
suggestion, he went to a butcher to know more about purity of mind. The butcher was duty - conscious
and served his parents. He did not preach anything. By observing him, the rishi learnt that
“He who is sincere in service, faithful in doing duties and loving without selfishness is PURE”.
The power of purity is high and priceless.


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