Thursday, November 3, 2011

what is indefinite pronouns

Indefinite Pronouns

The following indefinite pronouns are singular:
one, anybody, anyone, each, either, everybody, everyone, neither, nobody, no one, somebody and someone

Examples: Neither of the books contains any illustrations.
Everyone in the Pep Club is wearing the school colours.
One of the most beautiful places in North Carolina is the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest.

The following indefinite pronouns are plural: both, few, many and several
Examples: Both of the poems were written by Claude McKay.
Many of our words are derived from Latin.
Several of the juniors have volunteered.

The following indefinite pronouns may be singular or plural: all, any, most, none and some

These pronouns are singular when they refer to singular words and are plural when they refer to plural words.

Examples: Some of her artwork is beautiful. (Some refers to the singular noun artwork)
Some of her paintings are beautiful. (Some refers to the plural noun paintings.)

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