Sunday, January 15, 2012

Improve your English by exercise - Listen the conversation and answer

Task 1: The teacher will read the following words. Listen carefully and repeat.

1. cakes / keIks /
2. dates / deIts /
3. Jane / dZeIn /
4. Joan / dZ@Un /
5. phone / f@Un /
6. mango / m{Ng@U /

Task 2: Your teacher will read the following pairs of words. Listen and repeat.

laid / leId / load / l@Ud /
sail / seIl / soul / s@Ul /
raid / reId / road / r@Ud /
cane / keIn / cone / k@Un/
lane / leIn / loan / l@Un /
bail / beIl / bowl / b@Ul /
paste / peIst / post / p@Ust /
gale / geIl / goal / g@Ul /
gate / geIt / goat / g@Ut /
rate / reIt / wrote /  r@Ut /

Task 3: Your teacher will read out five sets of words. In each set of three words, one word will be heard differently. Circle the corresponding number. The first one has been done for you.

a. 1  2  3
b. 1  2  3
c. 1  2  3
d. 1  2  3
e. 1  2  3

B. Speaking

I. The teacher will read a story. Listen carefully. (The teacher reads)

Task 1: Recall the story you have just heard. Narrate it to the class in your own words.

Task 2: Now, some students from the class can take roles and enact the first story from the Supplementary Reader. After they complete enacting, one student should come forward and narrate the story to the class.

Task 3: Narrate any story that you know to the class.

II. The teacher will read the following dialogue. Listen carefully.
(It is a telephone conversation between Ramya and the receptionist at the youth hostel, Pitchavaram.)

Ramya : Hello, I’d like to visit Pitchavaram on 15th August.
Receptionist : Would you like to have accommodation here?
Ramya : Yes.
Receptionist : Would you like a single room or a double room to be booked?
Ramya : I would rather have a double room booked. I would like to stay for two days. I would like to go boating in the lake in the mangrove forest there.
Receptionist : Which would you prefer, a rowing boat or a mechanised one?
Ramya : I’d prefer a rowing boat.
Receptionist : That’s fine. We’d arrange for the room and for boating.

Answer the following:
1. Which place would Ramya like to visit?
2. How long would she stay there?
3. Where would she like to go boating?
4. Which would she prefer, a rowing boat or a mechanised boat?
Task1: Take turns playing the roles of Ramya and the receptionist.
Task2: Look at the words/phrases in italics in the dialogue.
They are used to ask about or to express preference. Now, practise the dialogue in pairs. Then practise the dialogue, making use of the cues given.
Arul : What would you like to have, coffee or tea?
Abdul : I prefer tea to coffee.

Now, what would you like to have, apples or oranges?
................................................ buttermilk or tender coconut
................................................ chappathi or idli

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