Friday, February 10, 2012

Learn English - take particapate in survey - Describe your village

I. Strategic competency

Read the following statements. Give your opinion on each of the statements by marking the relevant box:
Task 1: Share your opinions with your group members.

Task 2: Find out the opinion of your teacher.

Task 3: State how your school literary association helps you.

 Creative Competency

Read the following passage.

Jayanth, a student, describes his village.
Veerapandianpatanam is my village. It is a coastal village, situated on the coast of Gulf of Mannar. It is between Tiruchendur, one of the six abodes of Lord Muruga, and Kayalpatnam, a town where most of the people are Muslims. My village too sets an example for communal harmony. Here, people of different religions and castes co-exist peacefully. We take pride in calling our village a “village of gardens”. Naturally our village people are ecofriendly.
My village is very green. Neem trees line all the streets. All houses boast of kitchen gardens. Above all, the cool sea breeze makes my village a pleasant place to live and an ideal place for living.

Task 1: Write a passage describing your village.

Task 2: Tell your friends about your village and know from them about their villages.

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