Tuesday, February 28, 2012

useful english sentence to practice and introduce ourself

Sentences for Practice
1. Please meet my friend Jothi.
2. Jothi this is my mother. She's a doctor.
3. Let me introduce Ms. Renuka. She's a well
known painter.
4. Renuka, this is my cousin Rahim. He's a
B.Com Student.
5. Prema, have you met Mrs. Gomathi? She’s
our science teacher.
6. Please meet our new colleague, Mr. Sam.
7. May I introduce the speaker of this evening
Dr. Vishnu?
8. Glad to meet you.
9. Nice to meet you, Ms. Renuka.
10. I'm privileged to meet you, sir.
3. Taking Leave
Conversation A:
(Amith and Banu have been talking to each other for sonic time. Now Amith wants to take
leave of his friend. See how he does that.)
Amith: Well, Banu, I have to go now.
Banu: What's the hurry?
Amith: I have an appointment at 6.30. It's already five past six.
Banu: It was nice talking to you.
Amith: I'll meet you again soon. Bye!
Banu: Bye. Amith!
(Jana has been with Guna for some time. Now she wants to leave.)
Jana     : The coffee was nice.  Thank you.
Guna   : Mow about a game of chess?
Jana     : No, not today, Guna. I'm in a hurry. I
have to catch the 6 o'clock train.
Guna   : Do you?  I'm sorry you have to leave
so early. I enjoyed talking to you.
Jana    : Well, it was an enjoyable chat. But now
I must really be going.
Ciuna   : When do we meet again?
Jana    : I'll see you again soon. Bye for now!
Guna   : Bye, Jana!
Sentences for Practice
1. Why are you in a hurry?
2. Why do you want to go now?
3. Why do you want to leave early?
4. Good bye! See you later.
5. I must go now. I have a meeting at 2.45.
6. I think I must go now.
7. I've taken a lot of your time. I think I should
leave now.
8. It's getting late. I must hurry now.
9. It was nice talking to you. But I have to go now.
10. Thank you for the movie. Now I must hurry home.
11. 1 should go home now. Father will be worried if I’m late.
12. See you later. Bye!
13. See you tomorrow. Goodbye!

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