Tuesday, March 6, 2012

English conversation pracice by example and exercise

B.  Speaking
                           Today is Sunday. Sugi and Abi are reading quietly. Mother is
                   sick. Father’s friends have suddenly arrived. As mother is sick, she
                   asks her daughters to make coffee.

Mother : Sugi, Abi you know your mother is not well. For
once, could you make coffee for the guests?

Sugi : Dear me! What do we do?

Mother : It’s very simple. Let me tell you how. Listen.

Sugi : OK, Ma. Come Abi. You will help me. Won’t you?

Abi : Yes, I’ll.

Mother :  Let me tell you how coffee is made. Three spoonfuls
                 of coffee powder is taken in the percolator. One cup
                 of water is boiled. The boiled water is poured into
                 the percolator. Water percolates through the coffee
                 powder and the decoction gets collected in the
                 bottom container. 2 cups of milk is boiled in a separate
                 container. Then the decoction is added to the milk.
                 Then, 3 teaspoonfuls of sugar is taken and added to
                 the coffee. Then it is stirred.

Sugi    : OK, Ma, it’s done.
(Coffee is served with a smile and the guests are pleased.)

Father : Ah! For a change, coffee was prepared by my
daughters today and it tastes good.

Task 1: Take turns and practise the dialogue, which talks about
the process of coffee making.

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