Thursday, March 29, 2012

example of regular and irregular verbs

He         became    incompetent  at his work.
 S              V               C                 A

You have learnt the different elements of a sentence, with
examples, in your earlier classes. Try to understand more about
sentence structure and how it is used in the written and spoken

Task: The elements of sentences are given below. Pick out
sentences for each pattern from the previous units of
your course book and see how each element is
complementary to the other.

1.   S       V      O
2.   S       V      C
3.   S       V      C     A
4.   S       V      O     C

D. Vocabulary
I. Look at the base form of the verbs and their other forms
given below.
Present tense         Past tense          Past Participle
look                          looked                       looked
play                          played                        jumped
climb                        climbed                      climbed

The  above  verbs  in the present tense have taken the suffix
‘-ed’ in the past tense and past participle form. The majority of
English verbs do so.

Now look at the table below
                       Here, the past tense and past participle of the verbs are realised

                       through a slight change in the base form of the verbs.

Task:            The irregular and regular verbs are mixed in the bowl
                      kept below. Sort them out into regular verbs and
                      irregular verbs. Serve this to people with ‘vitamin verb

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