Saturday, March 17, 2012

How to request something in English with example conversation

(Ravi meets Mega and requests her to lend him a library
ticket and a pen. Later, Mega makes a request to the Librarian.)
Ravi    : Good morning, Mega.
Mega:   Hello, Ravi! Good morning. Come in and sit down.
Ravi    : Are you going out somewhere?
Mega:    Well, I was planning to go to the library
Ravi:    I too wanted to go to the library. But I
haven't got a library ticket. Can you
lend me one?
Mega: Certainly. Here you are.
Ravi:  Thanks. I'm sorry to bother you. But I
forgot to take my pen. Could you spare
one for me?
Mega: Sure. Take this one.
(At the Library)
Mega   : Can I borrow this book, please?
Assistant: I'm sorry. That's ^a reference book.
You can't borrow it.
Mega   : I need it only for a day.
Assistant: Please talk to the Librarian.
(At the Librarian's office)
Mega   : Good morning, sir.
Librarian: Good morning.
Mega   : Sir, may I borrow this book for a day?
I know it's a reference book. But it'd
be a great help if I could borrow it for a day.
Librarian: Normally reference books are not
issued. But I'll permit you to take it for a day.
Mega   : Can I take it now?
Librarian: No, not now. You can borrow it at
seven in the evening. And you must
return it at nine tomorrow morning.
Mega: I'll do that, sir. Thank you very much.
Librarian: You're welcome.

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