Thursday, March 15, 2012

Listen the audio and answer

A.  Listening
                                  Bharathi meets her friend Saira Banu at the International
                      Airport, Chennai. Bharathi is waiting in the lounge to receive her
                son, Sanjeevi who is returning from Singapore. Saira Banu is waiting
                for her flight to Sharjah.

The teacher will read a dialogue. Listen carefully.
                               (The teacher reads)

Task 1:      Now answer the following questions orally.

1. Where is Saira leaving?
2. Who is Sanjeevi?
3. Why and where did Sanjeevi go?
4. What is the visit called?

Task2:      Now your teacher will read the announcement
                  regarding the arrival and departure of the flights, once
                  again. Listen carefully. Answer the questions.

1. Where did Bharathi and Saira meet?
2. To which gate should Saira Banu proceed?
3. Is the AIR INDIA AI-447 arriving on time?

Task 3:    Fill in the information in the table below:

                                       Your teacher will read the announcement again for you.

                                       Check your answer.

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