Monday, April 23, 2012

English sentence for good spoken English

Sentences for Practice
1. Could you lend me your book, please?
2. Can I borrow thousand rupees from you?
J.   May I keep this on your table?
4. Could you please give me a lift up to the college?
5. Tan I have three tickets to Bombay, please?
6. If you permit me. I'll sit in the first row.
7. Can I make a local call from your telephone?
8. Sir, may I leave half an hour early today?
9. Would you mind my leaving half an hour early today?
10. If you don't mind, please post these cards for me.
5. Asking for Information
(Ram telephones the Clerk. See how he
asks for information.)
Clerk: Good afternoon, Railway enquiry.
Ram: Good afternoon.   Could you please tell me the departure time of Tamil Nadu
Clerk: It leaves at 2 p.m.
Ram: Are berths available for tomorrows train?
Ram: Second class?
Clerk: One moment, please--- I'm sorry, sir.
All second class berths are booked
Ram: How about first class?
Clerk: First class?  Let me see - Yes, we have a few seats vacant.
Ram: What's the fare to Nagpur?
Clerk: By first class, it's five hundred and eighty rupees.
Ram: So if I come over there now, I can reserve three berths, I suppose.
Clerk: Yes. But you must hurry.
Ram: I will. Thank you very much.
Sentences for Practice
1. Excuse me. What time docs the film start?
2. Can you tell me the departure time of the Bombay flight?
3. What's the airfare to Bombay, please?
4. Is the noon show fully booked?
5. Can you tell me where the railway station is?
6. What's the commission for a demand draft for Rs. 2000/-?
7. Is it true that the morning classes have been cancelled?
8. Do you know the distance from here to Cochin?
9. Is this a direct flight to Calcutta? Or does this go via Chennai?
10. Can you tell me how to send a letter by Courier?
Asking For Directions
(Biju wants to go to the City Central Station. But he doesn't know how to get there. So he
asks Kiran. a passerby, for information).
Biju:  Excuse me.  How far is the City Central Station from here?
Kiran:  It's about 2 kilometers.
Biju   : O, that far. is it? How can I go there?
Kiran:  Well,   you   can   hire   a   taxi   or an auto rickshaw.
Biju   : Can I go by bus?
Kiran: Of course, you can.   But it's a little complicated.
Biju   : Would you mind explaining it to me?
Kiran: Certainly not. Take bus number 50 Iron that bus stop there. Get off at the Anna
Statue and take number 23 or 24. That will take you to Central Station.
Biju:  Thank you very much.

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