Monday, May 28, 2012

How to use Exclamation in English with what and how

Dhayan and Prabha had been engaged for about a year and a half and they haven't married yet. My God! I didn't realize that it has been that long.

Exclamations with 'What* and "How*.

A - Did you hear that the President of America has resigned!
B - What a surprise!
A - Yes, but two other Presidents have resigned in the past.
B - Ah! I see. Who were they?
A - One was Richard Nixon, the other I just can't remember.
A - We have lost the World Cup to Australia...
B - What a shame!
A - No, but the guys played well, they are unlucky.
B - I don't agree. We didn't have good bowlers..
A -    How unfortunate!
A -    Jane, do you like this countryside?
B - Of Course! What a lovely day!
A - Look at those huge trees with yellow leaves and red flowers.
B -
How wonderful! And it smells good.
Yes. How cool and quiet it is
A- Look at this building, Banu.
B - What's it called Harish?
A - It's called the Colosseum of Rome.
B - How big! And how strange!
A - This is where they held the early Olympics.
A -   Isn't it very hot today!
B -   What terrible weather we're having for this time of the year!
A -   Yes. Usually it is not so hot in September.
B -   It is really strange?
A -   Did you hear that the Principal has dismissed all the students from a class?
B -   How silly! What happened actually?
A -   They have boycotted their term exam it seems.
B -   What an awful example is this!
A -   This will not solve the problem   Some Principals are still in their Victorian days
A -   Did you enjoy your summer holiday?
B -   Ugh... We had been having such a terrible weather?
A -   Was it that bad?
B -   Why, the temperature was 106°C. The highest recorded in 96 years.
A -   Oh my God!

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